Policy Enforcement

Harvard University Process for DMCA Notifications 

The process for responding to DMCA notices was developed in consultation with the Harvard Schools; each has a designated DMCA contact for local implementation.

When a DMCA notice is received, the University’s DMCA agent identifies the School, office, or residential area associated with the IP address specified in the notice and works with the School's local DMCA agent to determine the owner of the machine identified in the notice.

Once the School traces the DMCA notice to a specific user, the user is notified that the DMCA notice has been received and that he or she may be found, subject to the user's defense, to have violated the School’s policies with respect to copyrights and use of its networks.

Students found to have engaged in repeated infringement of copyrights are subject to termination of their network access and may be reported to their School Dean for further disciplinary action. Employees found to have engaged in copyright infringement will be required to sign a statement of acknowledgement regarding the policy and its consequences, unless it is determined that the employee is not at fault. In the case of a repeat infringement, the staff member's access may be terminated and job termination may result.